Take your Care Training from Good to Outstanding.

Correct Care is an online training provider for Care Homes, Nursing Homes and Domiciliary Care Providers.

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Staff Training

Your employees can access all the courses all the time. You can keep track of employees and ensure they are up to date.



Assign company policies to employees and keep track of who has signed them and who hasn’t.



Do your employees receive an induction? Ensure all documents are received and all people spoken to and instructions given. Managers can track the induction process.

Easy to access, easy to use

All courses can taken from mobiles, tablets and computers, meaning your staff can train whenever and wherever they can. Managers can assign courses to employees with just a few clicks.

UpdatedCourses are updated regularly for accuracy and as legislation changes.

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Fixed Pricing

With Correct Care you don’t pay per named employee, this means when an employee leaves the company you have an empty slot, so when a new employees starts they occupy that empty slot. There’s no need to contact us, there is no additional expense.

With other training providers you are paying per named employee, so you have spent money training someone who has left and you need to spend more to train the new employee. You also have the inconvenience of  contacting the training company to add the new employee(s) resulting in additional cost.

Have you previously paid for employee training only to find they don’t show up for work the next week? With Correct Care this isn’t a problem.

Can’t switch yet? Let us know

If you’ve still got a contract somewhere else, just give us a few details now. We’ll be in touch when your contract’s due to end.

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Effortless Setup

With our effortless setup you can be up and running in minutes. If you don’t have the time to enter your employees then we can do that for you. Once your staff are added assigning courses is trivial, you can assign courses to job role or staff directly. All courses can be taken from mobiles, tablets and laptops, meaning your staff can train whenever and wherever they can.

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Elderly resident with care employee

“Our staff have achieved a high success rate with the courses, accessing them on their mobiles has been very helpful.”
Sarah Parkhurst, Manager, Cedar Care Home