Correct Care is designed to be easy and simple to use for both the manager and care staff. Staff can take courses from their mobiles, tablets or laptops anywhere.

We’ve reduced the burden on the manager as much as possible, after the initial setup (adding staff and assigning courses to job roles) the managers work is reduced significantly. Each week employees will receive an email showing them which courses are due soon (within 30 days) and any courses or policies that are overdue.

It is vital employees are trained but in a busy day training can often come last. By using Correct Care in your business you will help to improve the quality of care you provide.

Quality Courses Written by Industry Experts

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Unlimited Courses & Unlimited Retakes

Employees can complete their mandatory training even before they start work. Managers can keep track of employees ensuring training is being completed and all staff are up to date.

Staff can access their courses on mobiles, tablets and desktops meaning they can do their training anywhere.

Training Matrix & Reporting

In Correct Care there are two types of accounts a staff account and the managers account. The manager can add and remove staff, view staff progress, assign courses and polices to job roles and view/print reports.

It is vital employees are trained but in a busy day training can often come last, by assigning courses to job roles staff can get on with their training helping to improve the quality of care you provide.

Policies & Procedures

Do you need to know your employees have read and acknowledged your policies? Policies can be added and uploaded easily. You can see who has and who hasn’t acknowledged the policies.

Automatic Staff Reminders

To save the manager chasing employees to complete their training, every Monday employees receive an email with courses that due soon (within 30 days) and courses that are now overdue.

The email also includes any policies they have yet to acknowledge. All this takes place without involving the manager.

Fixed Price

No prices per course or per employee, no limits on the courses that can be taken and unlimited retakes.

With a fixed price you know what you are paying each year.

Group Management

If you have more than one location to manage Correct Care give you an overview of how training and policies are progressing.

Overview reports for the group can be sent to as many people as needed helping you stay on top of your business.

Group Management Features

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